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To love someone you can’t have,
Is to me torn apart, and shattered inside.
To be broken to pieces and constantly cried.

To reach out with no hope,
Of touching his hand,
To be under true loves constant demand.

With no chance of a future,
With no hope in mind,
A cure to the problem you search to find.

Tried Tried again,
And yet constantly failed,
You’re heart bares the marks of being constantly nailed.

Ripped apart is your oppressors dream,
To scar you, to tear you,
No fool do they seem.

You’re hardly aware,
As they tie up the knot,
It tightens you heart,
it’s what you had fought.

They tug and they pull,
They taunt and they laugh,
In till at long last they break it in half.

You fall to the ground,
And look up at the sky,
And then broken hearted,
Most slowly you die.
I wrote this concerning a friend.
And when I say died, I do not mean it physically.
However interperate the poem any which way you please, for I may have wrote it and seen it one way, but everyone sees things differently, please feel free to tell me how you interpreted it.
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July 16, 2007
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